Big Night for POV & Big Month For DV Awareness

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Once a year in October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month,  the staff, Board and the volunteers at Peace Over Violence dress up (we clean up nicely), roll out the red carpet, and  head for the Beverly Hills Hotel  for our annual Humanitarian Awards Gala!  We take a moment, a well-planned moment that takes 6 months to implement!  The purpose of our event is twofold: to honor those who further our goal of violence -free families and communities & to educate, inspire and entertain 500 of our old friends and supporters with the hope of making new friends and donors interested in joining us in our mission. Celebrities, actors,  politicians, advocates all join in! This year the cast of  the Emmy-winning  series Mad Men along with the show creator Matt Weiner will be on our red carpet along with violence prevention guru councilmember and soon to be congressman  Tony Cardenas. Amy Ziering & Kirby Dick , producer and director of the incredibly moving and impactful documentary The Invisible War will be at the podium updating us on advances the military is making on justice  for military sexual assault victims caused by their film and the bravery of the survivors who came forward—in full face and name -no longer invisible. The organization 1in6 is receiving the Innovation Award for using technology to reach male survivors of child sexual abuse to help start the healing from years of invisible wounds and to bring the hidden pain of male survivorship out of the silent shadows. I am particularly proud of being able to introduce the ground-breaking work of this five-year old organization started by my colleague and friend Steve LePore. Full disclosure:  I am on the board of 1in6 and serve as Vice-president!  A highlight of the ceremony is to be able to honor a corporation with THE HOPELINE AWARD given in conjunction with our loyal event presenting sponsor: VERIZON!  This year the honor goes to the Allstate Foundation for their commitment to freeing victims of domestic violence from the yoke of entrapment through financial literacy empowerment training. Our Awards Event is a huge opportunity for us to raise awareness and invite engagement.


Domestic violence awareness and education obviously just can’t be about one event or one month of the year. Like all the other organizations that provide similar services for battered victims and their children, POV works on this issue along with other issues of intentional violence 24 hours a day. Our big news is that we just advanced our children’s programming through opening the Children & Youth Center @ POV.  The center houses our Youth Over Violence programs and is home to new programming focusing on children who witness domestic violence.  Domestic violence impacts kids in critical and far-reaching ways.  Witnessing DV as a child is associated with depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and PTSD along with poor school performance.  Left unattended this trauma can impact into adulthood with more even health risks and serious consequences. Research, advocacy and science are all moving in the same direction to make sure that children who witness are given opportunities to also heal from the experiences of domestic violence. POV is committed to serving these children and youth.


This month especially but all year round the staff and volunteers of Peace Over Violence are out in the community; serving, educating, intervening and preventing domestic and sexual violence. But it sure is nice for us to be able to dress up, walk the red carpet, applaud those who support this cause and who contribute to our larger community.  Slowly we are making progress, our Annual Humanitarian Awards Event is about taking a moment to inhale and say good job! The Monday after the event, we are all back at it: fulltime-full-speed ahead!

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